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Regular summarizing working meeting in the Compulsory Enforcement Service  2018-02-12 14:04

  Today, on February 12, the Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia, Major-General of Justice Armen Harutyunyan has conducted a working meeting with the participation of the managerial staff of the Compulsory Enforcement Service.
According to the agenda, the head of General Department, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice M.Marutyan presented to the Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer  of the Republic of  Armenia the statistics on the number of received letters, applications, hotline calls and number of citizens served by the quick service office during the last month. Further, the Head of the Service was provided with a detailed report on the content of calls received by the hotline and issues resolved by this way. In particular, it was submitted that the number of calls had decreased, especially on the provision of information, which indicated positive results of the implemented policy of the Service in the field of informing citizens. Armen Harutyunyan instructed the head of International and Public Relations Department, Captain of Justice G.Kurghinyan, to conduct active work this year also on the creation of information materials, printed brochures, informative video clips and other materials for covering the functions of the Service.
The head of the Department of Levies on Administrative Acts, Major of Justice F.Meghryan reported on the work done by the Department during the past month. It was presented that the online registration system implemented in the quick service office of the Service, too, gives its positive results. The Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia instructed the head of the Department of Levies on Administrative Acts to carry out all planned assignments within the framework of the activities to be implemented in 2018 on time and periodically report on the results.
  The acting head of the Department of Auction Organization and Property Realisation, Major of Justice T.Hakobyan presented the statistics of realized lots by the forced online auction. The Chief of the Service was also reported that changes were made to the website of forced online auctions in accordance with the recent legislative amendments.
The head of Inspection and Analytical Department, Colonel of Justice L.Balyan submitted report on instituted, closed and stricken out of enforcement proceedings both on the monthly basis and on the previous reporting year. L.Balyan also presented the results of inspections conducted in different departments of the Service in January 2018. The Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer instructed the heads of the departments that passed the inspections to eliminate the errors found in a short time and to be consistent, further excluding such.
A number of issues related to the various enforcement actions being implemented in the framework of separate enforcement proceedings were also discussed.
During the working meeting, the head of the Service stressed the importance of regional visits, noting that they will be continuous in the current year, and were aimed at discussing the on-site work processes.
At the end of the meeting, the Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia instructed the heads of the Service’s departments to be particularly consistent with questions received from citizens by letters and phone calls and to promptly respond to all raised issues.

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