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A law is not a law without coercion behind it

2020-06-11 10:26 A Webinar-Devoted to the 13th World Day of the Judicial Officer

2020-06-01 14:23 Sergey Meghryan held working meeting in the Syunik Marz Department of the Compulsory Enforcement Service

2020-05-26 17:18 NOTICE on calling for tender for provision of vehicle towing services
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World Bank highly appreciates its cooperation with JACES  2013-06-24 18:45

   Mihran Poghosyan, Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the RA, Major-General of Justice hosted Davit Melikyan, Public Sector management Specialist, World Bank Yerevan Branch Office, and Team Leader of the second ‘Judicial Reform’ project, from among the team members- David Bernstein, Senior Specialist in the field of Operations, and other WB representatives.
   In the course of the meeting, issues related to the cooperation within framework of "Judicial Reform" project going to its end were discussed.
   Welcoming the guests the Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the RA expressed satisfaction over the joint activities conducted within the framework of the project and indicated that the contribution made by World Bank played a great role in the development of the Service, particularly due to the introduction of Informational Technologies the circulation of documents in JACES is now carried out by electronic means.
   "The programme is quite effective, and we may state that the Service has achieved a great success in several spheres. First of all, as a result of the introduction of Informational Technologies, we were able to manage the quantity of enforcement proceedings arising as a result of World Financial and Economic Crisis without increasing the number of staff members. Secondly, the quantity of "prolonged" proceedings which lasted for years has also been reduced" Mihran Poghosyan mentioned, expressing at the same time his gratitude to the WB for the provided support.
   According to Mihran Poghosyan issues arising day by day require new solutions, thus the Service constantly searches for and uses new tools for the purpose of organising the work in the most operative way and to prevent the public from undue red-tapery.
   Mihran Poghosyan assured that in the nearest future the ‘Electronic proceedings’ programme will be completed in the Service, as a result of which the subsequent steps to be taken will become clear.
   David Melikyan highly underscored the cooperation between WB and JACES, attaching special importance to the reforms made in the Service through the application of Informational Technologies and the achieved impressive results in that context.
   The Chief Compulsory Officer of the RA stated that the Service has adopted a flexible development strategy, i.e. to give solutions to the issues within the required date and time by introducing the advanced experience of the similar international structures. In that context Mihran Poghosyan attached special importance to the memorandum of understanding signed recently in the sphere of Informational Technologies between the judicial enforcement officers of Estonia and Chamber of Bankruptcy Administrators.
   David Bernstein expressed his satisfaction over the introduction and effective implementation of the "Electronic proceedings" system in the Service, hoping that the experience of JACES of Armenia will be educative and useful.
   "It is difficult for me to mention another country, which could also introduce a similar system with similar success. I hope that your experience will greatly help other countries in developing and introducing such a system" Bernstein said, adding that one of the main Bank issues is to ensure the immediate enforcement of judicial acts.
   The introduction of a complete automated electronic inquiry system gives the opportunity to send inquiry to the State Revenue Committee, State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre, Agency of State Registry of Legal Persons, Commercial Banks, State Social Security Service, Passport and Visa Department, and Central Depositary.

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